Oregon W-2 E-Filing (New)

Effective for calendar year 2011, businesses and all payroll service providers are required to report Oregon personal income tax W-2 information electronically by March 31, 2012, regardless of number of W-2’s issued. Even employers who are not required to submit W-2’s electronically for federal purposes are still required to submit Oregon W-2’s electronically, including employers with as few as one or two W-2’s and household employers.  “iWire Direct,” the direct filing option for W-2 information, will be available the first week of March. However, employers are still required to submit the paper Form WR (Withholding Annual Reconciliation Report) for 2011, also by March 31, 2012.  Continue to watch the iWire website for further updates and information (http://www.oregon.gov/DOR/BUS/iwire-income-wage-information-return-eservices.shtml)

For those of you  QuickBook users with enhanced payroll the system walks you through a fairly simple interview process to generate the .txt file to upload to the state portal website.  For those without the ability to generate the .txt file to upload to the state portal website (either through QuickBooks or other software), we have been told that beginning sometime in early March 2012 you can use the direct filing option by completing the “Submitters Information” page at https://secure.dor.state.or.us/iWire.  At the bottom of the page there will be a button that will direct you to a template where you simply key in the W-2 information for each one you need to submit.  Once completed, you simply hit the submit button and that would be it.  This may be a decent option if you have only a few W-2’s to submit.

Note that, for Oregon, only employers who have 250 or more of any one type of 1099 (1099R, 1099MISC, 1099 G, and W-2G) need to submit electronically in 2012. PayrollTax News LISTSERV: iWire Update, Oregon Department of Revenue, January 2012

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